Business Development Specialist

Business Development Specialist

Committees and Industry Relations

Program Manager AmCham Main Office

Regular, Full-time Employment


Business Development Specialist

The Business Development Specialist is responsible for identifying opportunities for business growth and optimizing business services strategies. Key functions will be for revenue generation, new business development, business services execution, membership/client engagement and relationship development.

The BDS will lead trade shows and local door knocks; Manage inquiries related to Board of Investment or doing business in the Philippines; Promote and curate business-matching and government matching services; Organize business briefings and other related activities; Promote and curate marketing intelligence services and perform duties as may be deemed necessary by the Manager and the Executive Director.


Its main responsibility is to expand and improve AmCham’s business services initiatives and identify/capitalize business opportunities. As a Business Development Specialist, your duties will include establishing networks with industry specialists and key partners, maintaining valued customer relationships, and negotiating deals.

  • Monitoring revenue streams and identifying opportunities to increase profitability.
  • Analyzing and expanding business services activities toward sustained growth.
  • Developing client relationships and strengthening industry partnerships.
  • Identifying new clients by researching and creating networking opportunities.
  • Negotiating and closing business deals that promote sustained revenue.
  • Identifying and developing services based on member’s/client’s needs.
  • Perform other related duties as required.


  • Revenue and Targets
  • Collections
  • Organize Activities: Doorknocks, Briefings, Tradeshows, LGU meetings, Forum
  • Business Services Partnerships/Deals
  • Databases and Contracts
  • Trackers and Attendance Report
  • Corporate Partners event execution
  • Reports/Write-ups
  • GlueUp and Zoom
  • 5S
  • AmCham members and A-team

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Development or Marketing, or similar.
  • Master of Business Administration Degree (MBA) preferred.
  • Previous experience as a Business Development Specialist in a related industry.
  • Proficiency in integrated business management and CRM software, including GlueUp.
  • Advanced knowledge of business development, marketing strategies, and brand expansion.
  • Experience in identifying profitable business opportunities and potential clients.
  • Ability to maintain strong client relationships and establish industry partnerships.
  • Competency in negotiating and closing business deals.
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills.


Commensurate with experience; with commission

American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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