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Looking to expand in the Philippines? We’ve got you covered. Let us help you establish and grow your business by helping you register, and build potential partnerships, look for contacts, suppliers and distributors.


Guide for doing business in the Philippines

Learn how you can set up business in the Philippines. AmCham will guide you through the general business processes in the Philippines. With our wide array of connections, the Chamber can help you from registration, bookkeeping, immigration and work permits, office space, tax services etc.

Supplier and Distributor Search Service

This service will lead you to potential distributors of a particular product/ service or suppliers of raw materials. AmCham will build a database of contacts based on your requirements and arrange business meetings for you.

Partner Search Service

This service is made available for companies looking for business partners in the Philippines.  AmCham will build a database of contacts based on your requirements and arrange business meetings for you. The chamber can also authenticate.

Technology Briefing Service

This service will allow you to present and give samples of your products/ service to targeted potential buyers. AmCham will build a database of buyers that you can choose to present your products from.


AmCham serves as a platform for both Filipino and American businesses to collectively raise awareness on certain policies affecting the business climate in the country. The chamber represents various industry concerns through position papers, B2G meetings, round table discussions and issue driven events.


Position Papers

AmCham works closely with government offices in creating a vibrant business climate in the country. We encourage a healthy dialogue between the public and private sectors promoting long term objectives through the issuances of position papers.

Breakfast Briefings with Government Officials

This service will allow your company to meet and have breakfast with key government officials. The service aims to let new heads of companies familiarize themselves with the business scene in the country through an intimate and conversational breakfast meeting.

B2G Meetings

This service will give you the opportunity to meet with key government officials and discuss industry issues, challenges and opportunities.

Virtual Doorknock Programs

The Virtual Doorknock program is a series of meetings arranged by the chamber so you can engage with the US and Philippine administrations, members of congress, key think tanks, government bureaus and other industry players on important issues facing the business environments in the Philippines and the USA.

Round Table Discussions

This service will allow you to sponsor a discussion among industry key stakeholders regarding  certain issues and concerns facing a specific industry. At the end, you may also come up with a position paper as a result of the meeting.

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AmCham Philippines Training Services provides professional and skills education to members as well as other members of the business community. We offer seminars, webinars and training sessions in the fields of Business, Management, Human Resources, Finance, Information Security, Marketing and others that are designed to continuously develop exceptional teams for your companies.


The AmCham Philippines Job Market features opportunities from our members which you can explore to suit your career plans. We match qualified candidates with relevant positions in leading companies nationwide.


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