1. Is AmCham exclusive to American companies/citizens only?

AmCham is open to American and Non-American companies and citizens who share common interests in the Chamber’s advocacies and mission.

2. How do I become a member of AmCham?

Apply online and submit the following requirements:

  • Headshot photo of Company Representative
  • 1 valid government-issued ID (Passport, Driver’s License, etc.)
  • SEC Registration Certification (For firm/company membership)
  • Fully completed AmCham Membership Needs
  • Signed Integrity Initiative (Optional)
  • Brief company description (maximum of 250 characters with spaces)
3. Is AmCham exclusive for corporate membership only? What are the different types of membership?

AmCham offers membership to companies, individuals, non-profit/government organizations, and non-residents.

Click here to see the different membership categories

4. What is the difference between Regular and Associate Membership?

Regular membership is for American companies and citizens. They have Voting Rights and Eligibility for directorship to the Board of Directors.

Associate membership is for Non-American companies and citizens.

5. What is the difference between Corporate Category A & B?

Category A is for companies with Annual Revenue of US$ 5 million and above
Category B is for companies with Annual Revenue of US$ 4.9 million and below

Membership benefits are the same.

6. How much is the membership dues? Is there a joining fee?

Membership dues differ per membership category.

Click here for the list of membership categories and corresponding membership dues

There is also a one-time joining fee of PhP 5,000 for new members.

7. What are the benefits of AmCham membership?

AmCham provides Marketing Opportunities, Advocacy, Information, and Networking Opportunities to its members. See attached Membership Information Booklet for details of membership inclusions per category. 

8. What is the difference between NCR Membership and Chapter Membership?

AmCham NCR is the main office located in Makati City, Metro Manila. It also has Chapter Offices in:

  • North Luzon (Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga City)
  • Visayas (Mandaue City)
  • Mindanao (Davao City)

Memberships in NCR and the Chapters differ in terms of prices and benefits.

See the different types of membership here

A company/individual can also be a member in multiple Chapters at a discounted price.

9. Do I have access to events of other Chapters even if I am not a member of that particular Chapter?

You can access and join meetings and events of other Chapters at a discounted member’s rate.

10. Who do I contact for membership concerns?

Email our Membership Manager at


For Inquiries on AmCham’s Services, please contact us by clicking the button below.